The widget is an advanced feature. For most cases, we recommend using your full Canny site instead (
Still unsure which to use? Contact us
Mobile Widget
These are instructions on how to put Canny's widget into your mobile app.
  1. 1. Create a WebView
    Note: For iOS, you'll need to use a WKWebView.
    Load the following URL:
    To find your board token, log in above and select your board from the dropdown.
    You should now be able to open the widget in your app. 😃
    Optionally, you can include the theme parameter to specify the theme (options are light [default], dark, auto).
  2. 2. Configure the ssoToken parameter for Single Sign-On
    Single Sign-On connects the widget to your existing user accounts. This provides a more seamless experience for your users. It also lets you know exactly who is posting and voting.
    Follow our Setup Single Sign-On guide to generate SSO tokens on your server.
    The mobile widget only works with SSO, so if you aren't planning on using it then link users to instead.
  3. Questions
    If you have any questions or issues, email us at and we'll get back to you ASAP.